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Unichem Onerahi Pharmacy

Support to transition into a sole owner business.

Frances Hill moved to Whangarei 14 years ago to join the team at Unichem Onerahi Pharmacy.

Just a few years later she became part-owner of the business and started working directly with Bryce and the team at Catapult Partners. Frances has gone from employee to part-owner and is now the sole owner of Unichem Onerahi Pharmacy.

Over the years Catapult Partners have played an important role in dealing with both the day to day running of the business and the challenges associated with the changes in ownership. The Catapult team offered more than just accounting services and facilitated access to the professional mediation and negotiation expertise that is often required with such important transitions.

"Ideas and solutions often come up that are well outside the scope of just accounting. This strategic approach is what really sets Catapult Partners apart."

Now the sole owner of the business, Frances has relied on the experience of Bryce and his team when making important decisions. She has access to the independent advice and alternative views she needs to move forward with confidence and clarity.

When the business needed new staff Catapult Partners assisted with the on-boarding process to ensure that Frances and her team had the support they needed to operate at the highest level. The software and procedural training have been thorough and ongoing, and the team at Unichem Onerahi Pharmacy know help is always just a phone call away.

Catapult Partners look forward to working with Frances and her team for many years to come.