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Scitex Recruitment

Partnership and genuine support.

When Gareth Robertson and his wife started to look at buying a business they knew it was time to look for an accounting partner who could provide more than just taxation services.

Their previous accountants did not deliver on the level of value and service expected. Poor communication meant it was not uncommon for the ‘why’ behind a recommendation or decision to be left out resulting in a lack of understanding.

Catapult Partners offered the broader set of skills the Robertsons were looking for. Before they started looking at businesses, they engaged Jon and the Catapult team to help them understand the buying and opportunity analysis process.

"Catapult Partners are always available, always finding ways to add value, and really feel like a partner. Jon is readily available, we speak on the phone at least once every few weeks and he’s often visiting us at our business."

Once the Robertsons had a business they liked the look of, they shared this with the team at Catapult Partners. Together we produced a list of questions to ask and figures to consider based on Catapult Partners’ knowledge of the marketplace.

Since working together, Catapult Partners has been instrumental in helping Scitex Recruitment set the foundations for success. Gareth feels the genuine support and guidance Catapult Partners have provided can be hard to find and made the first year of owning a business a whole lot more manageable than it otherwise could have been.  Jon has personally been involved in training the accounts team and regularly calls to discuss business strategy, updates and plans for the future.

Jon and the team at Catapult Partners look forward to supporting Scitex Recruitment from strength to strength.