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SP Blinds and Northcom

Supporting new business opportunities.

Frank Lin purchased Northcom in June 2016 after deciding to spend more time in New Zealand with his family.

Prior to this, he split his time between New Zealand and China spending time with family here and running two boarding schools in China.

When Frank purchased Northcom, Catapult Partners were the existing accountants. Based on the recommendations of Northcom’s previous owners, he decided there was no need to change accountants.

"When we bought a new business I needed more documents from Catapult Partners and they were very available. They provided more support to make sure the information was turned around very quickly. Sometimes it feels like they only work for us."

Over the last few years, Frank has worked closely with Jon and the team. When deciding to purchase SP Blinds in June 2018, Catapult Partners made sure he had access to all the documents needed to process the sale. All of the information required was provided in a timely manner so the purchase process ran smoothly with no delays.

With nearly 30 team members across each business, Frank is familiar with the day to day challenges of managing and growing a successful business. When questions do pop up, he knows he can look to Catapult Partners for a broad range of business advice and straight up, honest feedback.   

Catapult Partners look forward to providing Frank with the support he needs to continue to grow his teams and evolve his businesses.